Release Notes, Version 2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of BCO PRO 2, version 2.0. This release focuses on stability and on responding to the feedbacks we've received in past couple of months.

Summary of what's new in this release:

1) New licensing system

The online activation process is shown in the video below. In order to obtain the license key for the activation of BCO PRO 2 (version 2.0), you need to copy your shop ID and the key from your profile

Note: for every video in this section, to activate full-screen mode, click on the Full-screen mode button in the frame of the video player

2) Search by initial letter

In the Dispense tab you can search for Product/Colorcard/Reference by initial letter, plus you can repeat the search without having to reload the database

3) Two different price modes available

4) Exporting CSV file from the history

5) Displaying Date of creation/modification of a formula

6) Change a version of a database

7) Quick calculation of colorant prices

Can be used for a price calculation of manual formulations

8) Applying factors on colorants/bases

9) Additional machine accuracy available